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        Full Cone Nozzles
        Dust Suppression water jet solid cone spray nozzle viewed:26
      1. introduction
        ● The BB series wide angle full cone nozzle features a full cone spraying pattern with spray angle from 110 to 120 degrees, the spraying coverage is in round shape.
        ● This nozzle can provide uniformly and medium to large size droplets under large flow rate and pressure because of it’s special designed vane, unobstructed flow passage and well controlling characteristics.
        ● Such nozzles are precision manufactured with precision diameters which ensure the best effect, they perform very well in spraying applications that require full coverage of an area.
        ● The BBG series nozzle has a dismantled nozzle body and van that can be matched with the header and branch pipes, it can be cleaned and maintained by dismantling the nozzle body and vane from the nozzle instead of removing the nozzle base from the header pipe.

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