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        Spray Gun
        Denitrification spray gun viewed:87
      1. introduction
        Product characteristics:
        1, the structure is simple and not easy to block, easy to maintain;
        2. The water conservancy is evenly distributed;
        3, the air consumption is less;
        4. The spray range is wide;
        5, the average particle radius is small, and the particle radius difference is small.
        6, the lower air / water ratio makes the spray particles reach a smaller particle size and save air.
        7, because of the optimization of gas water mixing mechanism, all parts of the damage are small, and the service life is long.
        Because the flow rate of a single lance head is large enough, the number of nozzles required for working conditions is reduced.
        In order to cope with the harsh environment, we have 310, Hastelloy and 316L for the customers.
        You can customize samples, or we can design one to one according to working conditions.
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