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        Air Atomizing Nozzles
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      1. introduction
        ● Products Information:
        Air atomzing nozzle has special interior structure, which can evenly mix liquid and gas &and generate tiny spraying drop.  In common situation, We can get super tiny liquid spraying drop by air pressure increasing. Adjustable atomized can adjust liquid capacity. each spray device is composed of air cap and liquid cap. which can offer two spray modes,flat fan and round, with wide liquid capacity coverage.  It is flexible with changeable parts. Atomizing nozzle has good moisture effect. it is the ideal choice for the location where requires mosture control. 

        ● Design  Features:
        1.The nozzle can be a double liquid spray nozzle, with seam or air as its second liquid;
        2.Third class-atomizing to achieve optimum atomizing capability;
        3.Working with high dependability even under the worst condition;
        4.Reducing the dosage of compressed air with its high efficiency;
        5.It can get super tiny (about 20microns)liquid spraying drop by increasing air pressure or decreasing hydraulic pressure.
        ● Common Application:
        1.Wool spraying and Increase Moisture
        2.Mould Lubricating
        3.Spraying Injection
        4.Air Disinfection

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