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        Hollow Cone Nozzles
        Whirl Jet Tangential Hollow Cone Nozzle viewed:87
      1. introduction

        ●AA/A series metal spray nozzle feature can be produce hollow cone spray, spray area is annular, spray angle is 51°--114° 

        ●AA series nozzles can be distributed evenly over a wide range of flow rates and pressures, with droplet sizes ranging from small to medium spray. Even in low pressure conditions, AA / A series of metal nozzles can also be a good atomization of the liquid application of very good results. This effect is particularly noticeable in impact applications where fast hot swaps or effective aerosol droplets are required.

        ●AA / A series of metal nozzle has a unique swirl chamber structure, its large and smooth flow channel, can reduce or eliminate the phenomenon of congestion.

        ●AA series metal nozzle for the male thread connector, A series for the female thread connector.

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