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        Full Cone Nozzles
        Narrow Angle Full Jet Nozzle viewed:101
      1. introduction
        ● Design feature:
        Narrow angle full jet nozzles feature a solid cone-shaped spray pattern with a round impact area. The narrow spray angles of the 15° and 30° series produce uniform and coarse sprays with significantly higher impact per unit area than wider angle full jet nozzles at the same time flow rate.
        They are precision-engineered and machined to exacting dimensions to assure optimal performance.
        Uniform spray distribution results from a unique and original vane design with large flow passages and superior spray control characteristics.

        ● Common application:
        Cleaning and washing of products requiring deep penetration and / or spray introduced turbulence to ensure thorough washing
        Desuperheating of steam
        Spraying the inside of ducts and pipe for cooling or cleaning

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